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School on the Move: A Grateful Look Back & A Hopeful Look Ahead

  • We've now raised an awesome $331,551 and have just $48,449 to go to meet our estimated project cost of $830,000 to create the new home for MVPNS and Parent Observation.  If 100 families donate $350, we'll be there!  $13,123 in matching funds is still available to augment new donations, and families who donate $350 or more will automatically qualify for a personalized brick for our new school entryway.
  • Our campaign was featured in the Mountain View Voice.
  • Thank you to everyone who has donated to our school’s relocation fund. We are so appreciative of all of the donations from current and alumni families and friends and relatives! We could never accomplish this large move without everyone’s support!
  • We are working with architects to finalize the last details on plans. Once our plans are finalized we will work with PG&E and the preparation of the grading of property. Our plan is to prepare the property throughout the school year and move the current modular classrooms onto the property in June.
  • Your questions answered, read about it here.

An MVPNS mom sports the stylin' new MVPNS T-shirt for a meeting with a client, then picks up some organic munchies at the farmers' market with her new MVPNS tote. This gear also comes in handy for attending a summer music festival, getting coffee with hubby, and making a run to the library. For donating $500, you'll get your own "You Moved Us!" tote, and for donating $1000, you'll get a "You Moved Us!" T-shirt.

Greetings and Salutations!

This is your opportunity to make a difference. We must leave our current location because the high school we rent from is growing and can no longer provide space for us on their site. We need your help to move our school to keep our programs alive for current and future generations of parents and children.

When Mountain View Parent Nursery School and Parent Observation move they will also merge to create a new school for young children ages 15 months to five years, in a new spacious setting. Together, our programs create a continuum for family-centered early childhood education.

What will the new school be like?

Our indoor and outdoor areas will be a sensory-rich environment that reflect the natural world and embrace best practices of early childhood education.

Children are intrinsically drawn to nature, so MVPNS and PO use the natural world as a wonderful resource to support hands-on learning, cultivate an appreciation of the environment, and help children develop an aesthetic awareness of the beauty around us.

At our core is play. We support long periods of uninterrupted play, allowing children time to discover and explore, develop a sense of independence, engage in imaginative play, and begin to build social Intelligence and problem-solving skills.

On any day, you will see children exploring paint, water, sand, blocks, play dough or clay. Using nature-based curriculum woven together with a project approach, children engage at their level when they are ready. Positive support and encouragement help children connect with peers and adults in this uniquely co-op environment.

Who We Are

Founded in 1969 by visionary parents who sought to bring a nurturing parent cooperative preschool to fruition, the school has made a difference in the lives of more than 7,000 children and families. We enjoy a well-regarded reputation in our community -- our support of families with young children are well known. We are a public, 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit, early childhood and parent education program. Tuition is affordable and we embrace the diverse community of Silicon Valley.

What We Do

We support parents and parenting of children in the early years. Our parent education offerings delve into timely topics to support the demands and challenges of parenting. Each family brings strengths and talents that build, maintain and grow our community. We create an environment that welcomes and honors each child and family. As a community of families that support one another, we also reach out and support other families through volunteerism, donations and community events.

Children do not come with owner’s manuals. Every child is precious and unique. Our programs provide parents with an environment to see their child in a larger context with other children of the same age. In this setting, parents observe and understand the wide range of physical, social and emotional development. Teachers guide with positive discipline and model social problem-solving. Parents and children learn side by side.

Children learn that school is a place for them to feel safe, to explore, imagine, play, make a friend and be a friend. It becomes a place to feel good about themselves in their world. This is where a love for learning, a love for school, and life-long friendships are born and nurtured.

Parents, too, learn and grow! New skills and relationships create new opportunities and more. Parents from cooperative preschools know how to support children in elementary school; they lead by example. Many develop confidence to take on roles-- civic and private-- that improve our community and the lives of families.

How You Can Help

Your donation – large or small-- builds our School-on-the-Move fund. We’re hoping you can think large or extra large!

YOU can make magic – helping us turn a proverbial dirt lot into a field of dreams!!

Our new school will be complete with the basics like water, sewer, electricity, accessible pathways and water-wise landscaping alongside raised garden beds and composting, outdoor art easels and block areas, communal areas for preparing and sharing food, ideas and friendship.

You WILL make a difference in the life of a child.

100 % of the money you donate will go toward building this school, for now, for the future – making a difference in our community by providing an experience for children and parents to learn hand in hand.

Join us today! Donate to our School-on-the-Move Fund. Share this news with your family, friends and community. We need a lot of support and it will come from people like YOU!

With heartfelt thanks for your support!

Claire Koukoutsakis, Diane Hart, Marie Evitt, Mindy Lieberman, Rachel Martensson, Wilma Chu, Danielle Cannon, Carol Gurunathan, Susan Pence & Jenny Robertson

Corporate Matching! Your employer might match your donation! We think that is amazing! Check here for details.


Are you still accepting donations?

Yes!! We’d love to get your donation through PayPal by clicking the Donate button or by check. With a personal check 100% goes to The School-on-the-Move fund. Make checks payable to MVPNS, and mail to MVPNS/PO, P.O. Box 4174, Mountain View, CA 94040.

Mountain View Parent Nursery School
PO Box 4174
Mountain View, CA 94040

Do you have other fundraising plans in the works?

We are still offering personalized bricks for $125 and $150. The brick price will go up after January 5, 2015. Here's the order form.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. MVPNS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our Tax ID is 23-7366707.

What does the $830,000 project estimate include?

The project estimate includes all expected costs to turn a dirt lot into a school: installing sewer and utilities, grading the land, pouring foundations for indoor and outdoor classrooms, lifting and relocating two existing portable classrooms from the current school sites, purchasing and installing an additional portable classroom for parent education meetings, installing water-wise landscape, perimeter fencing and nature-based play yards, as well as meeting all requirements set by the city of Los Altos.

Did you look for a less expensive option?

Yes. We canvassed all the churches and schools in Mountain View and Los Altos as well as some commercial possibilities. None offered the benefits of the selected site at the corner of Truman and Bryant Avenues, which offers room for an engaging outdoor space as well as two classrooms and a parent meeting room. Foothill Covenant Church has been extremely supportive working with us.

Have you targeted other sources of funds?

We are looking to expand our donor pool. Teachers and parent volunteers are dedicating their personal time to raising funds. Please let us know about potential donors in the community, foundations and businesses. Please share the word through your family and friends and social media with this webpage.

What about grants?

We received $2,500 from the Los Altos Community Foundation funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and $200 from the Kiwanis Club of Los Altos Foundation. Parent volunteer grant writers researched over 40 grants this past year and applied for many. Sadly, we were not selected for others; many grants target groups outside our community. We will continue to research and apply for more grants. Should you be aware of grants or foundations that might support our 501 ( c ) (3) non-profit preschool, please call us at (408) 883-KIDS.

Do you receive any public funding?

No. Both Parent Observation and MVPNS are sponsored through the Mountain View Los Altos Adult Education Program but they have been financially independent for the past five years since the state cut funding for parent education.

I can’t spare much money, what else can I do?

Consider making a smaller monthly donation. Ask friends, grandparents, extended family, or neighbors to make a donation to help us reach our goal. Host a lemonade stand or bake sale. Share the video on Facebook and Twitter! We gratefully accept donations of any amount --every dollar counts!

With your support the spirit of community-based learning lives on!

Please be generous!

Thank you.

Still not convinced? Ask away!

Mountain View Parent Nursery School
PO Box 4174
Mountain View, CA 94040

Woohoo and thanks to all our contributors!




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