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"We are very fortunate our children were able to attend MVPNS.  What a great memory to keep in our minds! The school projects a great atmosphere for all children to grow in. It is a safe, and nurturing place where all the teachers are dedicated professionals in the field of education.  We have learned so much from the school, not only as a family, but also as individuals while participating at the school.  We thank you, MVPNS, for being part of our children's lives. "

Raygada Family - 2011

"When I first arrived at MVPNS I was told that it would change my life and it did.  As a single, adoptive parent I found the staff and families at  MVPNS to be extremely supportive. I feel like my daughter and I were embraced by a village that worked with our needs.  Since I worked full time, other parents helped to transport my daughter to play dates and day care.  The staff were flexible in making sure that I contributed to my school commitments in ways that also supported my attendance at work and  limited childcare on weekends.  I am  certain the flexibility and kindness I received from the MVPNS community cannot be duplicated. In addition to gaining a village, my daughter received the best of a preschool education with creative, well trained and very talented teachers. Everything presented by MVPNS staff was nothing less then stellar, always. I also felt that my daughter's teacher was especially sensitive to my daughter's needs and experience as an adopted child as well. I also found the teacher and director to be an excellent resource to me personally when parenting issues would arise. My MVPNS experience will never be forgotten."

Karen Wride - 2011

"This is the second year that that my twin son and daughter are attending MVPNS, and they absolutely LOVE the school! The teachers are incredibly loving and nurturing, the activities are fun, creative, and educational, and the families all provide a very welcoming and supportive community. As a parent of twins who also works part-time, I was initially hesitant to send my children to a parent co-op, and admittedly, there is a substantial time commitment that comes with all parent co-ops. However, MVPNS is very supportive of families of multiples and tries to be as accommodating as possible. It's truly a great place, and if you live near the Mountain View area, I highly encourage you to check it out!"

Jennifer Yu – 2011

"The switch from being a career person to a full-time mom wasn't exactly easy for me, so it was a relief and revelation to join MVPNS with my older child. The help and camaraderie I found from fellow parents and teachers was a boon. I've learned so much working with all the children, watching the teachers interact with the kids, sharing with parents and listening to excellent speakers at our evening meetings. Parents are integral to the running of the school -- serving on the board has turned out to be a great opportunity to use my career skills and hone others. Most importantly, both of my kids have thrived. Childhood is honored here: creativity and imagination are valued, play is foremost and children learn so much being with each other in an open-ended environment. Yet through the wonderfully creative curriculum, the kids come away knowing all their letters and numbers, perfectly prepared for kindergarten. The transition to kindergarten for my older son was a breeze. Don't miss this gem!"

Linda Williams - 2011

"As a nurse, I thought I knew a lot about child development and yet after a few minutes at MVPNS, I quickly discovered how much more there was to becoming "the parent I wanted to be."  MVPNS is a truly a magical place for children and also for their parents. Learning how to slow down, to listen with full attention, to help name feelings were the tip of the iceberg. The teachers modeled how to foster in children the ability to discover the wonders of the world without hovering or trying to control the journey, but instead, guiding them gently, nurturing creativity and the development of skills that  help them feel empowered. "

Barb Dehn aka Nurse Barb - 2011

"On my lap rests a scrapbook of my now seven year-old son’s first year at MVPNS.  The pages are worn, and though our shelves are filled with albums, this is the one Jimmy and I most often frequent.  

Jimmy “graduated” from our beloved preschool two years ago, after spending a year in Teacher Claire’s three’s class, and a year in Teacher Marie’s fours/fives class, and Teachers Marie and Tim’s Adventure Day.  He often asks to visit his alma mater.  He keeps the memories alive within our hearts.  

Through our two years at MVPNS, we forged lifetime relationships.  What most touched my heart is that Jimmy and I were welcomed into a loving, creative community of little learners, parents and teachers who were on the same page about child development and parenting practices.  My heart opened in ways I didn’t know possible to the 16 children in our class.  And Jimmy learned to trust that adults, other than those within his immediate family, could be depended upon and trusted.  

Since our time at MVPNS, our class continues to keep in close communication, both in joy and sorrow.  Teacher Marie’s class met most recently for a bowling outing.  It was so touching to witness our children instantly come together – with hugs and laughs and new stories and jokes to tell.  Likewise, we Moms and Dads have connected in a mutual bond of honesty and respect.  We’ve intimately shared from deep within the trenches of “preschool parenting,” and know.  We just know!  And I am certain today that if I had an urgent need, I could call any one of the parents in our class and they would be there.

During our time with MVPNS, I was privileged to serve on the Board, with the most creative, compassionate and hardworking group of educators and parents I have yet to meet.  My career is in counseling, and I have two decades of experience working and serving in our local public and private school systems.  This group is extraordinary.  

I look back upon our MVPNS years as a precious bubble in time that cannot be replicated.  However, the spirit of MVPNS lives on, as the experience instilled within our children a lifetime love of learning.  Our children were well prepared for elementary school, academically and socially, and are thriving!
Anonymous 2011

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